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Hi,  This website is needed to understand bicycling in Newcastle, NSW, Aus today.  Ideally we have proper separated bike lanes so it would be easy to get around.  But until we get a CycleSafeNetwork.org.au solution you need to do about 2 hours of research to understand the secrets.  Do not get sucked in by the Dunning Kruger effect.  Also it takes about 6 months to enjoy a new habit.

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Similar website:  https://www.the-pedal-project.com


“Less road congestion (shorter travel times), more pedestrian safety,  non-discriminating transport” Everyone wants this for everyone to be happy!  Living closer to work/shops and many (not all) single occupant cars switching to buses or pushbikes (separate safe active transport network or safe back street short cuts).  More roads and urban sprawl did not work for Sydney and doesn’t anywhere else in the world.  Active travel is world’s best practice for saving time, lives and healthy mental health!  Frees up space for emergency vehicles, and people with disabled permits.  The 2030 vision for City of Newcastle is for over 50% of trips by active transport (walk, cycle, bus, train). Fom Newy council’s 2030 vision (with full community consultation) document on their website.

1.  Road rules are here to help us all (same rules for cars and bikes, except for a few oddities).  Never ride so close to parked cars that if they opened their door you would go immediately into the traffic lane where a car could hit you.  Do not play this Russian Roulette game even if a bike picture (fake bike lane) is wrongly placed in the door opening zone.  See points below for where to ride.

2. Google maps by pushbike is bad. Avoid busy roads, discover safer back street shortcuts. Sometimes you will need to ride carefully on sharedpaths.  Adults with kids (16yrs and under) are allowed to carefully ride on footpaths.  “Sorry officer for being on the footpath, the 16yr old I was with has sped ahead”
3. Seat height for body (neck, back, knees) comfort.  Some people give up cycle commuting because they complain of knees hurting, too hard to get up hills, and too slow:  Depending on handlebar height, frame size, which part of the foot you put on pedal (and ankle flex),  the seat height for riding comfort is complicated.  For short trips and or cruisey cycling seat height and leg cadence is not as important.  For most efficient faster cycling, the seat higher means using larger more powerful leg muscles and less knee hurting.  If you have to rock side to side to reach the pedals, your seat is too high.  Sometimes you need to learn the skill of hopping forwards off the bike seat every time you stop because you cannot touch the ground.  The next version of the safety bike is called “flat foot technology bike” where you can stop and have your feet flat on the ground.
4. Easy to ride modern bikes with gears or electric assist.  As easy as walking, just faster.  Just don’t press front brakes hard when turning.
5. Learn safer lane position, eg. Travel in a straight line, not weaving in and out of parked cars.  Unfortunately you need a physics and behavioural psychology degree to get this perfect.   Not too much in the lane (you are accused of hogging the lane) and not too much to the left (then cars may dangerously squeeze past you)
6. Combine exercise and transport with pushbikes means less danger from car trips, and save time!
7. Avoid theft of new/shiny/expensive bikes with D-locks, or have an unstealable clunker bike for some trips.
8. Appropriate use of technology.  Rent a car sometimes, just don’t use them all the time
9. Use it or lose it.  Many cycling friendly countries in Europe are much healthier (body and mental health) than Novocastrians.  Start cycling and you will get use to it
10. Assume no motorist has seen you (especially at cross streets).  Motorists are looking for trucks/cars, not people/bikes “Saccadic masking effect” SMIDSY ). Don’t blame the brainwashed motorist that is trying to fit into a society.  If the same person grew up in Denmark they would not be driving they would be cycling happily.  Some people use rear view mirrors when cycling (but remember lane position and vehicles coming from the side are just as important).  Even at night with hi-vis clothing and lights, assume no motorist sees you.
Rapid fire 5:

Top 5 issues to tell people confused about pushbikes

Are you racist, sexist or just pushbikist? If you get annoyed with pushbikes on the road you are pushbikist and have not yet opened your mind to the 5 critical issues:_

1. Traffic congestion is mainly from poorly planned cities without enough public transport and too much urban sprawl. Focus our energy in the elephant in the room.
2. Cyclists are not forcing you to overtake them dangerously, by having to cross onto the otherside of the road. Would you walk closely past someone, holding out knives to your sides so one wobble will cut them?
3. Basic Human right to travel in safety please. Cars are more dangerous than you think, 99% of them constantly tailgate, not able to stop if the car in front emergency stops. 
4. You have a choice to have a fully covered pedal electric cargo tricycle. You are not forced to drive a car.  Bicycles are just as ethical, safe and easy as walking, only more efficient! For every pushbike complaint/problem there are solutions, so save years of frustration and learn what 99% of people do not know to make your life 1000 times more enjoyable
5. If an ethical pushbike network of connected safe backstreet shortcuts existed, car and bicycles would be separated.  NCC wants bicycling to be a viable option for most trips for all by 2030.
Get empowered with knowledge that 99% of people do not know (it is difficult to google it)
Walking and Bicycling assists solving most our community problems.   Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about: cyclingfallacies.com/en/
We help make walking and pushbiking for transport a realistic choice for all (E.g. Fully covered cargo electric assist tricycles are useful, and all other excuses of not cycling are solvable).
In just 5 or so minutes we take you on a life transforming journey to discover what 99% of Australians do not know about cities, cars, bicycles, etc.

It is very hard for people to change their behaviour even under the most compelling of circumstances.  Science call it the Backfire effect of the brains defence mechanism to fight off its current views).    Do you value reducing death, disease, danger and being happier? What is your indirect effect on others?


A  fully covered electric-assist cargo pushbike ( or tricycle) with a trailer means no matter your fitness or what you have to carry you can ride. Pushbikes can be as easy as walking, just use the easy gears. So you do not sweat as much, but are faster than you may think. Take a sponge/washer and have a wipe down OR have a shower.  Appropriate exercise (moderate to high intensity) is good for mental health and happiness, and ethical to stay out of hospitals. Save time combining exercise and transport. Never get to the end of the day without exercise again.

1: Discover safer, healthy backstreet short-cuts to avoid main road toxic exhaust (Google maps “by pushbike” sends you the wrong way on long, busy main roads).  Skill up:  safer pushbike positioning in road lanes, cycling skills, and to assume no car driver has seen you whilst cycling.  Watch out for spiky grass that punctures tyres.  Extra info at newcastle.edu.au/activetravel
2: Never ride close to parked cars (bike pictures on roads dangerously confuse people to ride too close to parked cars).  Unseen children can open car doors and push you into traffic.  NSW Road Rules 153, 144 & 247 advise to ride the safe way (usually 1.5m away from parked cars). Even Uni active travel website agrees.  Pass pedestrians slowly and with 1 metre or more clearance.
3: Bicycle seats too low cause knees to hurt, slower cycling, and less enjoyment. Leg rotation too slow causes you to tire quickly.  Ideally you can not touch the ground with your feet when you are on your seat (if you want have tippie toes touching ground if you think you will crash and fall.  Learn more skills like hopping forwards off the bike when you stop and don’t press front brakes hard when turning.
4. Mostly the shinier (newish looking) bikes get stolen.  Lock up inside with D-Locks. Lock your bike up inside when dark (never leave locked up overnight in the public (trains stations, main roads, at Uni, etc), too high a risk of it being stolen). Report thefts to phone 131444

5. All Newcastle Cars tailgate other cars dangerously (should leave a safe 3 second gap to car in front, but most leave a dangerous 1 second gap, The police will soon enforce this to reduce the road death toll).  Discover safety with better cycling skills on our website. Form good habits with appropriate use of technology and don’t create danger by driving cars.  Urban sprawl is making broadband, homes & other infrustructure too costly.


6. Report bad bus driving to transportnsw.info, they have cameras on board to prove they were dangerous.  Buses require a 4 second safety gap to the car in front of them (about 60 metres at 60km/hr).  Anything less than 4 seconds and they are tailgating.  Be happy to know that you can have good safety on pushbikes, and not tailgate like 99% of cars do.


LEARN more stuff that could save your life!  A more comprehensive list of safe cycling and great Take Action page is at NUBUG.wordpress.com


Walking (including public transport) vs. Pushbikes vs. Cars (these are all just as safe as each other (do not get confused with the perceived danger of acivities, which is different to the actual danger) but you can improve your safety much more by doing these things that 99% of the time are not being done in Newcastle).  Important info that the government refuses to enforce:


Walking:  Stay to the left on footpaths and shared paths, because pushbikes should be passing you on the left (remember that adults with children are allowed to ride on foopaths)  And assume no motorist has seen you


Driving:  Keep 3 second safety gap to the car in front (50 metres at 60km/hr)  99% of all motorists are tailgating all the time and it means heaps of rear end crashes.  Slow down to turn those “blind corners and blind crests” into safe corners that you could stop if a child is crossing the road.  You don’t want to live with killing someone when all you had to do was stop driving with the bad habits of the 99% of drivers. And assume no motorist has seen you

A Newy transport rhyme:

Newy rail removed for harbour and Stewart Avenue, To stop getting Sydney grid-lock traffic have Newy planners got a clue?

We’ve ditched the smokes and the plastic bag, Behaviour change is not all that bad.

Old seniors deteriorating health means they hand in the car keys, No ageist discrimination: Independence and Better Active transport please

Cycle friendly countries have 50% female commuting cycling: Aussie transport discrimination stats: Only 10% female biking

A transport system scaring kids from cycling to school? Would you ban them from swimming at Lambton pool?

People forget that exercise is good for mental health to keep you sane, Safer back street short cuts let you dodge that “Newy fake bike lane”!

More than 50% trips by active transport is a Newy council 2030 vision, Part of a fully consulted community decision.

When prioritising cars, it leads to too many cars: Solutions? Suggestions? More Active transport (bus, train, walk, cycling) to lower road congestions

We get into good/bad habits all the time, Multitasking transport and exercise saves loads of time

Travelling without fear is a basic human right. Ending this discrimination is worth the fight!

Many options including fully covered tricycle electric assist. If you still have excuses there must be a solution you have missed.

Car is now prince, no longer King. Discover Secrets To Happy Push Biking (dot com)


A cyclist was riding along a quiet county road when suddenly the sky clouded above their head and, in a booming voice, God said:
“Because you have tried to be faithful to me in all ways, you attend to your own fitness and health, you reject polluting the beautiful planet I have made by choosing a clean mode of transport, because to are polite and respectful to your fellow road users and share the bounty of human endeavour, I will grant you one wish.”
The cyclist pulled over and said,
“Build a set of bike lanes along side all highways in every country in the world and continue them onto bridges connecting all of the continents of the world so that I and my fellow cyclists can safely ride to any city, state or country anytime we want.”
God replied,
“Your request is materialistic; think of the enormous challenges for that kind of undertaking; resumption of lands, the supports required reaching the bottom of the ocean and the concrete and steel it would take! I can do it, but it is hard for me to justify your desire for worldly things. Take a little more time and think of something that could possibly help mankind.”
The cyclist thought about it for a long time.
Finally, he said,
“God, I wish that I, and all cyclists, could understand motorists. I want to know how they feel inside, why they are so enraged by my very existence, what they are thinking when they try to run me off the road or cut me off, why they verbally abuse me when all I have done is take a reasonable road position that helps protect my life, why they throw things at me from their windows when they speed past me in their 2 tonne protective metal shells and complain that I have delayed their journey by a further 8 or 9 seconds, why they invade social media and spread their hateful violent messages and whip each other into frenzies, and why can’t they understand that Rego is for ‘motor’ vehicles & barely covers the cost of its own administration and that the roads are a shared public infrastructure paid for by all of our taxes, and the biggest mystery of all, why do the loudest and angriest of them seem to be not able to spell correctly nor form cohesive rational sentences”
God replied: “You want two lanes or four on those bridges?”